What Every Shipper Needs to Know

MAP-21 - Shippers MUST check status of brokers and carriers!

38% of brokers are no longer legal to date!

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century legislation (MAP-21) contains provisions that have ramped up licensing requirements for brokers of freight.  A broker can be any traditional broker who hires a motor carrier and acts as the intermediary for a shipper, but it also now includes carriers who sub-contract to others.  Many carriers broker out freight and now they must have a broker's license including carrying the new $75,000 bond requirement.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!  Shippers must know that any broker they use has the new bond or risk dealing with an entity not legally allowed to broker freight.

The FMCSA site is the official site for conducting searches on carrier / broker entities: http://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/

To protect yourself, please run a search on every broker you do business with to make sure they are in legal compliance.  It's simply too important.

Here is another recent article on the FMCSA revoking broker authorities: Article