Shippers - Are You Partnered with a TIA Member?

As members of the Recon team travel this week to attend the Transportation Intermediaries Association’s (TIA) 39th Annual Conference, we’re reminded again of the importance of collaboration to drive better solutions for shippers. During this conference, qualified and carefully selected freight intermediaries across the country come together to learn and offer the best solutions and practices.

In an industry saturated with 3PLs and brokers, it’s important for shippers to carefully select with whom they do business – and ideally partner with a member of the TIA. Why, you might ask? The TIA is a customer-focused organization with the full intent to better the freight industry, so companies will know they are working with a respectable intermediary. Out of 1,600 member companies, 70% are small, family-owned businesses that follow a strict code of ethics.

Another benefit to partnering with a TIA member is to gain access to a network of vetted and reputable carriers. Carriers trust TIA members know they will be treated as an equal and inherent partner. For shippers, this translates into lower costs, timely and safe deliveries, and a reliable carrier network. Working with both carriers and TIA members helps shippers ensure all parties involved are making right and morally sound decisions concerning their freight.

As a TIA member, Recon firmly believes in always operating fairly – for our customers, for the carriers, and for ourselves. While we benefit greatly from collaborating with our competition, our integrity and transparency is what truly sets us apart. We believe in fostering direct communications and relationships between shippers and carriers because it’s the RIGHT and BEST approach.