Reweighs and Re-classifications out of Control?

Have you noticed an explosion of reweighs and re-classifications with your freight? More and more shippers are voicing concern and it's become epidemic.  More than half of the reweighs we investigate turn out to be carrier errors, and shippers have had enough of this mess.

A lot of shippers have an exact process and because of this, they refuse to accept any reweighs. They weigh each skid on a certified, calibrated scale, print the scale ticket and attach it to the corresponding pallet being shipped. They are doing their part to be as accurate as possible. When reweighs happen in these situations, the onus should be put back on the carrier. The shipper should not have to waste their time proving the weight of their shipment. Carriers have been wrong on far too many reweighs recently.

Yes, there are shippers out there who have no idea what they are doing, or perhaps intentionally mis-represent freight.  The carriers should have a process to reweigh and re-classify incorrect shipments because they are losing revenue if they don’t.  But those aren’t the shippers to which I am referring.

Just the other day, we saw a carrier issue a reweigh on a shipment that had been weighed on a certified, calibrated scale by the shipper at 369 lbs. The carrier reweighed it to 740 lbs – turns out the carrier admitted error (after we pushed the dispute) and had actually weighed the skid twice! Even still, they wanted the shipper to go through the hassle of getting a packing slip, or otherwise proving the original weight. If a shipper has certified, calibrated scales, and includes a scale ticket for each pallet, they should not be expected to jump through these hoops.

We work with carriers and shippers to resolve these issues, but far too often when reweighs come through, they are due to carrier error. Processes on docks at LTL terminals across the country should be reviewed in an attempt to correct this problem so as not to continue wasting valuable time of involved parties.

We have been tracking and recording all carrier reweighs for our customers and it’s interesting to see which carriers are doing this like crazy and which ones are not.  When multiple carriers are providing services for a specific customer and one reweighs the freight frequently while another does not it does have us question the integrity of the process – especially when the shipper is using certified scales!