Recon Logistics Launches Office in North Carolina

Cleveland, OH, January 17, 2011: Recon Logistics, located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio opened its first satellite office in Huntersville, North Carolina this month. Huntersville, North Carolina is located approximately 15 miles north of Charlotte.

Jack Kelley, a seasoned veteran within the trucking and transportation management industry, will assume the key role of the Recon North Carolina Offices. Kelley has been with Recon for over 4 years.

Hank Newman, Founder and President of Recon, is excited about establishing a physical presence in North Carolina. “The reality,” Newman says, “is that we could run our operations effectively from a central location in Ohio. We’ve been doing that for years. We have clients all over the country. But the fact is we are a very relationship oriented company. We believe we have been as successful as we have because we partner with our clients in a way that you don’t often see within our industry. Our primary focus is transportation management and saving our customers time and money in transportation management expenses. Over the last 4 years we have saved our clients over 17 million dollars.”

Recon targeted North Carolina as its first remote office for several reasons. Primarily, they have key clients in the area and want to enhance their relationship with them. In addition, the North Carolina market is strong with lots of transportation management and logistics needs. “We think this market is going to grow and so we felt having a local presence helps us understand the area better. Ultimately that will help us attract new business,” says Kelley.

Creating new jobs is definitely in the future for Recon North Carolina. “Our company is always looking for quality people to add to our team,” reports Kelley.

Newman confidently asserts, “We feel opening an office in North Carolina will be a great move for us, for our clients and the North Carolina manufacturing community. We are very happy to be here.”


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