Driven by relationships.

We are not interested in short-term business. We firmly believe that the best business relationships are built over time and experience. They benefit clients, carriers, and us. That’s why Recon seeks clients and carriers who share this commitment.

An end to vendors.

We are your partner, not your vendor. That said, we’re not going to bust down your doors and tell you to change your entire freight management program. What we will do is offer insight into where you can reduce your freight spend and free up your time. That may mean:

  • Process improvement for scheduling and packaging
  • Data management
  • Routine KPI reports and analysis
  • Introduction of new carrier options
  • Direct carrier communication – no need for us to be the middleman.
  • Enhancements to our online Transportation Management System (TMS) to streamline your process

A note for carriers.

If you have good prices and provide good service, then we’re on the same team. To be blunt: we aren’t looking to take away your clients. If our clients have an existing relationship with you, they can absolutely maintain that relationship. We give them options, but the client’s carrier choice is always that: their choice.

When conflicts arise, we go to bat for our clients but we stay objective and honest. After all, we know this business through and through. We find that problems get resolved fastest (and cheapest) through direct, frequent, and timely communication. So what you get is honest work from a 3PL and long-term, consistent business from us and your client.

No worries.

It’s not good business for us to be working on one-off transactions. We’d rather focus our energy on maintaining these relationships where our customers never have to worry about their freight spend, well, ever again.

We’re aware that we’re not the best match for everyone. However, we’d love to see if we are the perfect fit for you. Give us a call.