NMFTA Rule Change/Reminder

Just wanted to pass along one of those "rules" that the LTL carriers are now starting to focus on.  Seems they are getting very technical these days with all of their tariff rules!
In this particular case, the carrier has the right to change the classification based on the overall dimensions of the pallet vs. just using the NMFC for the product.  That may seem unfair, but I always like to look at this from both sides.  The carrier makes money off of selling space from A to B primarily.  Due to the nature of what might ship, weight is a key factor, but it's the overall PCF (pounds per cubic foot) that matters and the carriers are much more diligent now about charging for the space they are providing.  In the example below, the carrier can't maximize their payload with all this wasted space.


So - please be aware of these things and advise your shipping departments to do all they can to "right-size" their shipment.  If the shipment isn't easily squared off to cover the entire pallet footprint, or have a nice flat top, then look to change the footprint.  Use a smaller pallet.  Adjust the shipment to fit the pallet better, etc, etc.  

There are always solutions, but it's important to understand the rules to play by.
We are always here to advise if our customers need help!
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