How to Properly Receive Damaged or Short Shipments

Carriers today are very firm regarding adhering to the following requirements before they will consider a claim for approval. Upon arrival of the delivery driver, you must carefully inspect your freight for any sign of potential or obvious damage or shortage. The success of having your claim approved lies in your hands.


Prior to signing and dating the delivery receipt, clearly note in the presence of the driver that the shipment is damaged -  DO NOT NOTE "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION." Take clear pictures of the damaged item(s), as carriers will require them to be filed with the claim, and be sure to keep the packing material for inspection by the carrier. The more you document, the quicker and more successful your claims resolution will be.


Prior to signing and dating the delivery receipt, clearly note that the shipment is short, including the exact number or amount if possible. Again, DO NOT NOTE "SUBJECT TO INSPECTION."

In either case, you have the right to refuse the entire shipment and have it returned to the shipper.

There can be "Concealed Damage" and "Concealed Shortage," so you should inspect all freight the same day even if it appears to be all clear. When concealed damages/shortages are discovered, take pictures and keep ALL packaging materials as the carrier may request an inspection of the freight. Contact the carrier immediately! Most require notification within 5 days of delivery, but the sooner you can do this, the better your chances are to successfully resolve this type of claim. If the carrier isn't notified within its published time, the claim will be denied.