The Benefits of Getting a Proper Freight Analysis

How often should you have your freight analyzed? Has it ever been analyzed by someone that was looking for every possible opportunity to save you a significant amount of money? If you are like most manufacturing companies, there is a good chance you could save 20-30% on your freight spend.

A comprehensive freight analysis should be performed on at least one to two months of carrier invoices (depending on volumes and seasonality) and can generally be completed within a couple days.

So how does it work?

The data from each freight bill is collected and examined to get a complete and detailed picture of overall cost. In order to uncover savings, everything is analyzed: shipping class, NMFC #s, product descriptions, dimensions, cost/lb, inspection fees, accessorial charges, and individual lanes including lane frequencies and volumes.

Once we've gathered this information, our analysts put their industry expertise to work and will provide you with a conservative estimate on savings. Again, this is typically between 20-30%.

We sit down with you and collectively decide which carriers to use, creating a customized solution that works best for you and your team.

If it's been awhile since you've had your freight analyzed and you're worried that you're throwing money away every time you write a check to a carrier, give us a call. The freight analysis is free of charge! Nearly every analysis we have performed has uncovered a significant amount of savings, however, if it turns out that we are not able to do this for you, we will have at least validated that you are getting the best rates possible.