Recon ACTS

We have developed an open-platform freight management model designed to empower shippers by providing the information and tools that are necessary to become more efficient and profitable. Our success will depend on how well we execute this vision as we abide by our four Core Values. If we’re ever in doubt, we simply remember how Recon ACTS.
Always a Pro - Our attitude represents Recon at all times and in all aspects of our work. Everyone is a customer, not only the companies we value as business partners, but carrier representatives, drivers, suppliers, everyone! We will be clear, concise, and professional in our communications and we will always hold ourselves accountable.
Constant Pursuit of Excellence – Our success is built by creative, productive employees who are encouraged to make suggestions while thinking "outside the box."  We will constantly innovate and adapt to our environment in order to deliver superior technology and services for each individual customer by being naturally curious, always improving, and striving to produce the best possible results.
Teams & Dreams – The success of Recon Logistics is determined by our ability to operate as a unified team - celebrating others and knowing how YOUR actions affect others. Our employees are family and we strive to create a positive culture, with enthusiastic, cheerful, hopeful people who are looking for opportunity, which leads to a very rewarding work/life experience.
Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast – Our execution will be flawless. We understand the tools necessary for efficient workflow and we manage each effectively. Our attention to detail, organization, and timeliness are top-notch. We are able to remain calm, patient, and in control as we move into the storm with confidence and precision.