Average Savings of 18%

Since partnering with Recon Logistics in 2008, a company that produces architectural coatings has averaged 18% savings for a cumulative savings of over $1.5 million.

The company is a leading-edge paint, stain, athletic and tennis surface, and specialty coatings manufacturer. The company’s Recreational Products Division is the world’s largest producer of acrylic athletic surfacing materials, primarily used for tennis and running tracks.

They have 2 manufacturing facilities and 2 warehouse facilities.

Headquarters: Andover, Massachusetts
Client Since: 2008
Total Dollar Savings: $1.5 million
Saving Percentage: 18%


  • Lack of transportation technology
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Reliance on brokers


  • Recon web-based TMS
  • Managed transportation services
  • Inbound logistics support
  • Freight payment & audit
  • Regular reports & data analysis


  • Reduced number of brokers
  • Dramatic increases in operation efficiency
  • Improved internal communications