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Weather Causing Service Disruptions in Texas and Florida

September 07, 2017 by Kellie Newman

All: Please read for an update on Texas and Florida in relation to your freight and the recent hurrianes. While clean-up has officially begun in Texas after destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, the US is bracing for Hurricane Irma throughout the state of Florida. Most all LTL and TL carriers have returned to full or limited service throughout the Houston area, although LTL carriers may be delayed a day or two for delivery. Both LTL and TL carriers have placed an embargo on freight moving into Florida indefinitely and carriers will begin denying freight destined to the following areas: NMF MIAMI, FL NPB POMPANO BEACH, FL NWF WEST PALM BEACH, FL NFM FT MYERS, FL NPR PUERTO RICO NJV JACKSONVILLE, FL NTP TAMPA, FL NOF ORLANDO, FL   Freight destined for the locations listed above cannot be picked up even at the customer's request and cannot move until further notice. In the event a shipment is picked up in error,

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June Capacity and its Effect on Carrier Performance

July 12, 2017 by Kellie Newman

This past June, truckload capacity measured a three year high in the available loads to available trucks ratio (a key indicator of how tight the current market is). Certain areas of the country are impacted far more than others – the south in general has been very tight. The tools we use have the ability to narrow in on market segments to help us understand the dynamics and challenges of certain regions, and we often try to pass this information along to help educate our clients with regards to what we’re seeing. Moving past the end of the second quarter and past the 4th of July always loosens capacity up a bit, but we do not expect this to last very long. Truckload capacity issues are always a key predictor for service interruptions and rate increases within the LTL market. While there are many reasons LTL rates are rising, in an article written by Greg West with C. H. Robinson, he identifies five: "There's more ecommerce, and it's changing the game. With the

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