Aren’t you just another 3PL?

In a word: no. We don’t even like to associate ourselves too strongly with that term because we know what the others are like. Instead, you will see us as your partner and consultant. The kind of advisers who offer you candid, informed advice and sophisticated technology to help you take control of your logistics and save you money.

No smoke. No mirrors.

No one wants to hear creative wording and empty promises, and you won't find that with Recon. You’re taking care to be efficient and honest in your business, and we are, too. You want no-nonsense individuals who fix the problem instead of the blame and keep you moving forward.

It’s personal and it’s business.

Working with Recon is not working with a nameless company with a giant call center. You are essential to our business and not just another invoice. This deeply personal commitment to you means that our team drops everything until your problem is solved. It means that you can call our office when your point of contact is away and still have an informed staff at the ready. Exceeding your expectations drives us each day.

Smarter on the scenes and behind them.

Some of the ways we serve you are done behind the scenes. Those are:

  • Regularly examining invoices and freight reconciliation
  • Staying informed of carrier performance
  • Updating our custom Transportation Management System (TMS) in response to client needs
  • Negotiating contracts with carriers to get the best rates possible

Service like this isn’t easy, but it is always included in your monthly charge—nothing more.

Recon Logistics. We’re a dedicated, hard-working team who take everything we do personally; we’re ready to make a commitment to you. Give us a call.