Honest freight management

Since we helped load the very first truck in 2005, we've dedicated ourselves to being completely honest and straightforward with our clients. It's never steered us wrong. We absolutely want to save you money and make your shipping process easier. You'll find that as a result of having open communication with our team members' who give you the simplest, most truthful answers to your logistics questions, you'll get exactly that.

Founded in experience.

Almost everything we do is in response to our customers' needs. In fact, that's how Recon got started: our founder, Hank Newman, knew the transportation business inside and out. He saw small and medium-sized businesses getting gouged in their freight spends, and he wanted to do something about it. By taking a hard look at those first clients' shipping programs, he saved them 30% annually, and Recon Logistics was born.  With our experience and expertise, you'll gain an understanding of the transportation management industry that you didn't have before.

Building through trust.

We're passionate about serving our clients and look forward to adding you. Our typical clients are:

  • Small- to mid-sized manufacturers
  • Shipping mostly LTL
  • Located anywhere in the United States; shipping domestically and/or internationally
  • Looking to save money on their annual freight spend

Note that this is a typical client, but our approach can be tailored to nearly any company. If you don't exactly fit this profile, but are curious about a cost-saving, transparent partner in your freight management program, give us a call we might be a good match.

Scheduled to grow.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Recon Logistics is in the heart of the Rust Belt. Our industrial savvy keeps us growing: in 2011, we opened our Huntersville, NC office and in 2012 we opened our newest office in Denver, CO. Whether you're our oldest or newest customer, everyone receives whatever attention they need.  We truly value customer service which is why it's one of our core values.

No matter where we go, Recon Logistics remains committed to the values that fueled our creation: transparency, attentiveness, honesty. Those are non-negotiable, so let's get started.